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At Connected Families Chiropractic Experience Counts

Holistic North Shore Chiropractors Available in Three Locations

At Connected Families Chiropractic we are passionate about assisting you and your family in achieving true and lasting health and performance.

Our three locations in the North Shore suburbs of Albany, Silverdale and Whangaparaoa, help us to serve the communities of the Hibiscus Coast. We are confident we can help you, and we hope you’ll approach Chiropractic with that same confidence.

Having practiced literally all over the world for over 25 years, North Shore Chiropractors, Dr Gary Dennis and Dr Lorene Dennis bring a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective that can only be gained when you’ve seen as much as they have.

We opened our very first Chiropractic clinic in Ireland. At that time our focus was on helping people in pain,” explains Dr Gary.

Over the years we shifted to a more holistic view. We’ve recognized, in practice the enormous health benefits of Chiropractic care which we’ve both enjoyed since we were kids.

The Common Bond

The common bond between all chiropractic patients is spinal dysfunction. Most patients present with some sort of pain, nerve interference or subluxation. When you come to visit us, we will view you as a person first, not a pain, and see how we can help to restore you back to health.

In all of our work around the globe, we’ve found that patients want to be cared for as people first and their symptoms after. From street sweepers to Olympic athletes and rock stars, to the royal family of Oman – we all want to be treated as a person… not a pain.

The youngest patient at Connected Families Chiropractic was four hours old when she was first adjusted. Our eldest patient is currently 97 years old. Regardless of age or condition, our goal for you remains the same.

Multiple Practitioners to Meet Your Unique Need

Dr Lorene sees patients in our Silverdale clinic, along with Dr Shira Michaeli. Her focus is on family health care – particularly chiropractic paediatrics and children with disabilities. As the mother of a child with Down’s Syndrome, she has special insight into:

  • dealing with children with special needs
  • chiropractic care and children with health and performance challenges
  • early intervention – especially from a wellness perspective – and the difference it makes

Dr Gary focuses on patients of all ages and believes community health begins with each individual. He sees patients at both our Albany and Whangaparaoa locations.

Chiropractors from the North Shore with clinics in Albany 09 948 2072, Silverdale 09 421 1164
and Whangaparaoa 09 424 0550 (serving the Hibiscus Coast)


The Beginners Guide to Chiropractic

Let’s explore what chiropractic is and what we do. Chances are, it’s a little different to what you may think! Did you know that chiropractors primarily assess and address your nervous system? That’s what makes us unique to other healthcare practitioners.