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Meet Our Chiropractors

Dr Gary Dennis, Albany and Whangaparaoa Chiropractor

North Shore Chiropractor Dr Gary Dennis

“Getting people to go the distance to regain ownership of their health is my biggest challenge,” explains Dr Gary.

Witness to the Power of Chiropractic

When other kids got the flu, I got pneumonia,” explains Dr Gary Dennis. “By the time I was five years old, our GP told my parents they couldn’t keep giving me antibiotics because of the long term effects it would have.” They advised my parents to try something different.

After seeing the only Chiropractor in Ireland at that time, Dr Gary’s health was restored.

Throughout childhood, he continued to see the benefits of Chiropractic evidenced. As a teenager, he suffered a construction injury and was able to avoid spinal surgery through Chiropractic care. Also, when his brother awoke completely deaf after being knocked unconscious in an accident, his hearing was restored after a few visits to the Chiropractor.


Dr Lorene Dennis, Silverdale Chiropractor

Children Chiropractor Silverdale

“Your health is your most valuable asset. Let us help you to take care of this precious gift with healing care that will do so much more than treat your symptoms.”

Chiropractic Is a Family Affair

Dr Lorene’s family discovered chiropractic care just before her older brother was scheduled to have bowel surgery at the tender age of ten days old.

Prior to resorting to this drastic measure, they were lucky enough to be referred to a Chiropractor, who completely solved his problems. “From then, our whole family became regular chiropractic patients.”

‘’The nervous system controls everything in your body, and chiropractic care can help any interference stopping it from operating optimally.’

It was Dr Lorene’s ambition to work with babies and children, so her Chiropractor inspired her to go to America and become a Doctor of Chiropractic to enhance the health of families naturally.


Meet Dr Shira Michaeli Silverdale Chiropractor

Chiropractor Silverdale

Dr Shira looks forward to welcoming you at our Silverdale practice

Originally from South Africa, a keen sportswoman representing her province in swimming, Dr Shira’s interest in healthcare began while exposed to her father’s physiotherapy practice. It was during this time that she learned the importance that every part of the body has in maintaining optimal function.

Dr Shira volunteered in the Las Escobas Rainforest on the Caribbean coast of Guatemala helping transform the lives of the local community. While there, she also learned to speak Spanish. It was in Guatemala that she was introduced to Chiropractic and its philosophies and instantly knew she wanted to be a Chiropractor.