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Meet Dr Lorene Dennis, Silverdale Chiropractor

Children Chiropractor Silverdale

“Your health is your most valuable asset. Let us help you to take care of this precious gift with healing care that will do so much more than treat your symptoms.”

Chiropractic Is a Family Affair

Dr Lorene’s family discovered chiropractic care just before her older brother was scheduled to have bowel surgery at the tender age of ten days old.

Prior to resorting to this drastic measure, they were lucky enough to be referred to a Chiropractor, who completely solved his problems. “From then, our whole family became regular chiropractic patients.”

‘’The nervous system controls everything in your body, and chiropractic care can help any interference stopping it from operating optimally.’

It was Dr Lorene’s ambition to work with babies and children, so her chiropractor inspired her to go to America and become a Doctor of Chiropractic to enhance the health of families naturally.

An Educational Journey in Chiropractic

Dr Lorene attended Sherman College in South Carolina, a popular choice for NZ students prior to our own chiropractic college opening here in 1994. While there, she made great memories as a student, such as working on human cadavers in anatomy and taking on many challenging courses like neuro-anatomy.

“It was here that my interest in neurology was sparked, which I continue to study today.”

Studying Chiropractic Paediatrics

Dr Lorene is one of just six NZ chiropractors enrolled in a 2-year Diplomat program in Melbourne at the Chiropractic College of Neuro-Developmental Paediatrics. She works primarily with children struggling with learning, behavioral, and health challenges.

‘’The gentle techniques I use have resulted in some of the most profound changes I’ve seen in my 25 years of practice.”

Finding Adventures and Maintaining Health

Dr Lorene met her mad Irish husband while attending chiropractic college, and they’ve lived an adventurous life together, first practicing in Dublin, then NZ, followed by the Pacific island of Vanuatu. From there, they sold everything to buy a boat and sail around the world with their children! They eventually arrived in the Sultanate of Oman where they opened the first chiropractic center in the country.

Their three children continue to inspire Dr Lorene to continue learning how to help children and families become the best expression of themselves.

‘’Our family receives regular chiropractic care, enabling our bodies’ innate wisdom to heal from within.”

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