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Dr Gary Dennis, Albany and Whangaparaoa Chiropractor

Witness to the Power of Chiropractic

North Shore Chiropractor Dr Gary Dennis

“Getting people to go the distance to regain ownership of their health is my biggest challenge,” explains Dr Gary.

When other kids got the flu, I got pneumonia,” explains Dr Gary Dennis. “By the time I was five years old, our GP told my parents they couldn’t keep giving me antibiotics because of the long term effects it would have.” They advised my parents to try something different.

After seeing the only Chiropractor in Ireland at that time, Dr Gary’s health was restored.

Throughout childhood, he continued to see the benefits of Chiropractic evidenced. As a teenager, he suffered a construction injury and was able to avoid spinal surgery through Chiropractic care. Also, when his brother awoke completely deaf after being knocked unconscious in an accident, his hearing was restored after a few visits to the Chiropractor.

Growing in our Approach

Even after everything Dr Gary had witnessed as a child, he hadn’t fully realized the value of regular Chiropractic checkups until he attended Chiropractic College.

I never connected my good health back to the regular checkups I received as a child,” says Dr. Gary. “My care up to that point had been more symptomatic.

Gary met his now wife Lorene, who is one also of the chiropractors at the Silverdale location, at Sherman College of Chiropractic in the United States. It was here he began to experience the true wellness – physically, mentally, and emotionally – that was promoted in that environment. Together they began to take a more holistic outlook on health.

The Joy and Challenge of Chiropractic

Gentle Chiropractic

“The appeal of chiropractic, for me, is the simplicity,” says Dr Gary.

Taking part in changing someone’s life with his hands – making small adjustments to create a huge difference – is what motivates Dr Gary.

Whether he’s restoring nervous system function to help a screaming baby or parents with a disruptive child, or helping restore years and enjoyment of life through improved spinal function for older adults in our community, Dr Gary enjoys the simple hands-on restoration of function found in chiropractic.

When people finally stop giving someone else the power to manage their health through drugs and surgery – which only addresses pain and symptoms – they take ownership and discover wellness and performance.

Think outside the box!

It takes courage to go to a Chiropractor,” says Dr Gary. “People are exposed daily to drugs and the medical approach, and only people who can think outside the box will be willing to give it a try and go the distance to take ownership of their health again.

Seeing a Chiropractor can be intimidating because people associate Chiropractic with all sorts of misinformation they have never taken the time to question. As a b.oy, Dr Gary’s experience with Chiropractic was one of transformation and success.

Because of that, our approach at Connected Families Chiropractic is one of gentleness. We’re so successful at implementing this that kids in families often argue about who gets to go first!

Equipped With Unique Perspective

Dr Gary wants to share his 25+ years of wisdom and clinical experience with you. He has:

  • sailed around world with his wife and children
  • opened 12 Chiropractic Centers throughout world
  • opened the first Chiropractic Center in the Sultanate of Oman
  • founded the first Center for children with Down’s Syndrome in Oman
  • opened The Connection here in Silverdale; providing paediatric services for those most in need
  • supported community through involvement with the Upside Downs Education Trust

Having been around the world, Dr Gary has seen things many doctors don’t get to see. He believes it’s this time spent ‘outside the box’ that gives him the ability to look at people’s lives objectively and help them navigate through challenges.

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