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North Shore Chiropractors With a Passion for Paediatrics & Children With Special Needs

When we left home to sail around the world, we left with two children,” explains Dr Gary and Dr Lorene Dennis (Chiropractors) “Molly, our third child joined us as a stowaway on the journey!

Molly, was born with Down’s Syndrome in the Sultanate of Oman – a country that had no resources whatsoever for children with Down Syndrome. The family remained in Oman for four years, opening the very first chiropractic center, and the very first Early Intervention Center for Children with Down Syndrome in the country.

Dr Gary and Dr Lorene are passionate about children with special needs, and Molly has been the inspiration for much of their health care focus since she was born.

Healthy Parents | Healthy Child

Chiropractic for children

Read more about our consolidated services for children with special needs on our Silverdale clinic’s contact page. Help is here!

At Connected Families Chiropractic we believe that healthy parents and healthy children go hand in hand, and that healthcare begins at birth.

Chiropractic for adults is an equally important focus for us because if parents aren’t functioning at their best ability, make healthy choices for their child.

Dr Lorene and Dr Shira provide specialised care for children and offer a wide variety of therapies at their Silverdale location. At our Albany and Whangaparaoa locations, Dr Gary focuses on patient of all ages including children and seniors.

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